Did you know that right now there are 800 million of us over the age of 60? And guess what else? We have a few things going for us that I didn’t even know:

  1. Our immune systems are stronger so we get fewer colds.
  2. We suffer less migraines—(maybe because we have less to think about?)
  3. We’re less sweaty. . .(unless you fall into the next statistic).
  4. 75% of people in their 80’s report better sexual satisfaction than they had in their 40’s!
  5. While we aren’t as good at math (that’s what calculators are for) and are slower to respond to commands, (likely purposeful), our vocabulary, spatial orientation, verbal memory, AND problem solving abilities, are better than they were in our 20s!
  6. We have less allergies because our immunoglobin E production (which exacerbates them) decreases as we age.

 Frankly, that’s nothing to sneeze at.  And if you’re my age or older–you won’t!




wanted senior1

Here is the Ad I posted in our local paper last week: “Wanted! Strong, hard-working, high school senior who wants to earn extra money after school, moving heavy boxes, cleaning roof gutters and other yard work. $15/hour.”

Only ONE person answered my ad. The guy pictured above. Yup. Not only was he older than I am, he arrived at my doorstep wearing a back brace AND a knee brace!

“Um,” I smiled as I opened the door. “You aren’t exactly a high-school senior,” I said.

“Oh,” he countered. “I didn’t see the ‘high school’ part. I just saw ‘senior’….and I’m definitely that!” Understatement. 

According to Fact Tank, by 2022, 31.9% of the work force will be people over 65! If my gentleman caller today is any indication, they are right.  Putnam Investments recently published a survey, which found that 7 million previously retired folks have even returned to the work force! That rate is projected to jump to 67.5 percent by 2022.  

Scientific studies prove that when men, in particular, retire their risk of clinical depression and even suicide rises sharply. The research shows that, “A man is about as likely to ask for help for depression as to ask for directions, and for much the same reason.  It’s part of the male code, part of masculine culture.”  So I’m glad that my retiree showed up for his sake, as much as mine.

Well, my ‘senior’ spent about 4 hours at my place and did one heck of a job. (Though I was a bit nervous when he first headed up the ladder). In fact, he was far more thorough than the last high school senior I hired. Not only that, we had interesting, thought-provoking conversations and given our ages, we certainly had lots in common.

But here is my real concern: how come not one, single teenager responded to my Ad? Are they over-booked? Or do they just not need the money? If things were ‘right’ in the world, people over 65 would not HAVE to labor for $15/hr. If things were even ‘righter,’ teenagers would!!!




(My friend, Ivan who is pushing 80!!  Yup 80.)

According to Buzzfeed, there is now an actual word for young people who act older than their age: “Yoldies.” Apparently these are the 20-somethings who like to watch Netflix on a Saturday night instead of going out drinking because bars are just, “too loud.” These are also the kinds of kids who take their own recycling bags to the grocery store and wear practical shoes. They even pride themselves on their ability to knit. Put simply, they are old people trapped in a young person’s body!

That set me thinking about those of us youngsters who are hopelessly trapped in these older bodies. We are “Yoldies,” too! You know who you are: the grandpa who still drives that little, sports car that he can barely bend into, or the arthritic grandma who still prances around town in those death-defying stilettos.

mac lesson

(a 60-something learning how to use his Mac from a 20 something.)

What the young don’t get is that who you are NOW stays with you until your last breath. Don’t believe me? Check out these pictures of a few “oldsters” I captured around town this week. ‘Young’, old folks or ‘old,’ young ones, it’s all the same. The only difference is time.  And boy does it fly when you’re having fun!!!

collander on head

(My husband clowning around with a colander on his head.)