Helen Hudson is an author, speaker, songwriter and keen observer of the elderly.   Her 2nd book, “Kissing Tomatoes,” details the joys and travails of caring for her grandmother for 13 years when she had Alzheimer’s.  Helen’s goal is to encourage others to keep their loved ones with Alzheimer’s at home for as long as possible. She also wants to encourage folks of EVERY age to get to know their old folks. 

Counseling Today (September 2013) recently featured Helen’s work in the Gerontology field, and she has been interviewed in publications from PEOPLE to Vanderbilt Magazine.  Helen loves working with and writing about the elderly, because as she says, “Someday, I’ll be one!  Helenhudsonhere presently has readers in more than 90 countries.

Helen’s newest CD, “Whistle In The Dark,” is available on iTunes and “Kissing Tomatoes” has just been made available on Kindle.  She and her husband have two daughters and live in Nashville.  In her youth, Helen took up skydiving, but now enjoys getting a good running start and flying on her shopping cart through the grocery store aisles.


9 thoughts on “ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  1. Love your blog. I’m glad to see that you are writing and sharing, putting yourself out there. I love your strength. I’m avoiding work and love to read your stories. It’s like taking a really delicious coffee break, with sugar and cream. Thank you for inviting me.


  2. I’ve known many ‘Posts’ in my life. In fact, have had many in my immediate family. Also, every house I’ve lived in has been constructed with several Posts. You, however, were never a ‘Post’–Too busy running around— expanding on something or another. Just read all your Posts and you’re still doing it! Must be why I love you so much!!!!!! Me


    • Ari!! I LOVE your fashion blog on the over 50 set!! What marvelous pictures and how BEAUTIFUL your subjects. I want to direct ALL of my readers your way. You do visually what I do verbally, and your work makes me just smile. Helen


  3. Just watched Mary’s video highlighting the need to keep a sense of humour when growing old. We have several elderly friends who would love to see this. Most of them live alone but are still very active but lonely. Do you think this may play a part in the demise of our senior citizens today?
    Lack of real communication and genuine friends who understand their plight?

    There are millions of elderly people who still deserve our respect and help, so as to keep both them and ourselves feeling young and wanted. People today have lost respect for the elderly and are generally too busy to take any notice of what is really going on around them–especially when it comes to the elderly’s right to be respected. We need to help them realise the importance of keeping a good sense of humour at a challenging time in their lives.
    Tony Balecke UK


    • Yes, Tony, and I’m trying to do my ‘little piece’ to be sure I both give them the respect they’re due. . .and the ability to laugh at themselves–and others–along the way. hh


  4. Helen. You are a refreshing and humorous voice for our gang of aging folks of which I am one. I am an author and attorney in Pennsylvania counseling elderly clients about the dangers of being exploited by professionals, family, friends and strangers. I don’t see much talk about this subject but it is a prevalent problem. I’m completing a novel now that focuses on the issue. I thought that you might have a perspective on the subject. Love what you are about, Paul.


  5. Helen! Didn’t know how else to get in touch with you. Just want you to know the folks here at Silver Oak sure do miss all your positive energy and that amazing smile! We think of you often. You seem to brighten the life of everyone with whom you come into contact. You’re an incredibly talented lady, but even more importantly, you’re a very special person. You’re magic!
    Take care. Rick the gate guard.


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