A few minutes ago, my seventeen year-old actually said these very words to me:  ACT YOUR AGE!!  (Yes, the very title of my last blog, which she apparently did NOT read).  She was horrified to discover that I have been taking  Zumba classes.  When I pressed her as to exactly what she meant by her statement, she had no (at least repeatable here) reply.

But I do.  So please drop whatever you are doing and click on the link below.  No word I  write can say as much as what you are about to see.

May your day hold at least a fraction of this joyfulness. Ordinarily, I would give you my personal permission to punch the next person who tells your to ‘act your age.’  Instead, however, I will simply say, “Keep up the Good Work!!”  (Helen Hudson is the author of, “Kissing Tomatoes.”)


2 thoughts on “JOIE DE JOIE

  1. Helen
    This was terrific. What would we have answered when we were 17? Would anyone have said that to us? It’s a badge of honor that we wear, that we can do anything!


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