I hope no one in my town has to pee. There’s not a store for miles with a roll of toilet paper. I just watched several, young women load up their carts with hundreds of rolls of the stuff at Wal-Mart. Some even backed their pickups up to the front door and carted off entire flats of it, along with rolls of paper towels and tubs of antibacterial wipes. Who knew that Covid-19 caused issues with THAT end?

 This sudden hysteria makes me anxious so I head to Trader Joes. I’m shocked to find the aisles jammed with people pushing baskets packed high with loaves of bread, cartons of eggs, cereal, rice, beans, peanut butter and massive amounts of frozen food. I feel as if I’m in an old episode of, “Supermarket Sweep.” I’m so terrified that someone might smack into my brand new knee that I walk gingerly with my elbows arced out wide. In this manner, I ‘hurry’ to the vegetables. Only green beans remain but as it happens, they are my favorite! At the checkout counter, I watch astonished as one woman purchases an entire shelf of chocolate bars.

 Now, I feel like a dog that has just picked up the scent of a fox. I must race against both time and my fellow citizens. Off I go to the health food store. There is not a single potato left in the bins! A young man with three bags of them in his cart, actually smacks right into the back of me and keeps going. Fortunately, I’m stopped and he hits me where I’m padded. Desperation is palpable in the very air.

 And then this happens: I lift the top of the nut bin to scoop some pistachios into a bag. However, the top will not stay open and keeps closing on my hand. I’m about to give up when an older gentleman appears at my side, takes hold of the top and says, “Go ahead. I’ve got it.” Now on a normal day, I might well have hugged him. Instead, I mumble my thanks while trying not to breathe on him.

 Remarkably, I suddenly feel as light as a slip fluttering on a clothesline. His thoughtful gesture has erased my anxiety completely. Only now do I realize it is glorious outside! I will walk in the sunshine. Kindness is clearly the ‘peace that passeth understanding.’







7 thoughts on “WHAT, ME WORRY??

  1. I was going to volunteer to pick up food at the markets and bring it to the elderly. Then my son pointed out that is the category I fall into. Go figure.


  2. Oh, Helen, I have been thinking about you every day lately:) You are sunshine to me. Glad you can enjoy some sunshine. My friend and I walked Radnor Lake in the pouring down rain this morning. Stay well. Hugs, Friederike


  3. Love your witty ways. Thanks! I am perplexed by the way people are acting, myself. Remember the Beanie Baby craze? People bought them as an investment…little stuffed toys! Now that’s minor of course, but the same mindless lemming like behavior…I wonder where they will store all that toilet paper?Weirdness! I got a new hip, myself, last August. When did you have our knee
    done? Best wishes, Tasha


      • My your knee be good as new in a trice, (Not sure what a trice is, however it’s a lovely sounding word to use) And may your spirit continue to dance in your eyes and heart, warmest wishes , Tasha


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