Apparently I’m now at the age where no matter what doctor I go to when, there will always be something wrong. Last week I saw the eye doctor: “You have cataracts on both eyes but the right eye is much worse. They’re slow growing so you don’t have to operate yet.” Then I went for my yearly skin exam: “That’s a pre-cancerous lesion on your arm so I’m going to remove it.”   Out came the hypodermic and a razor blade.


My next stop was the dentist for a routine cleaning. Easy peasy, right?  2 ½ hours later, I left with a very sore mouth. Apparently, there has been a shadow on my x-rays for the last three years, which my previous dentist didn’t catch. A piece of cement from an old crown that had not been removed had led to a gaping pocket and bone loss in my jaw.


 What next? I can only imagine. Now all of this is quite minor compared to friends who’ve had strokes, cancer or ended up as one pal has with a body-wasting disease. However, it’s not fun so I’ve come to a decision: in between doctor visits I’m going to find as much joy as possible. That means surrounding myself with people who enjoy my company; making others laugh when I can and yes, occasionally doing Tarzan calls on the Pickleball court and beating my chest.



 I’m also going to be sure that I take in as much beauty as possible. To that end, I went to Trader Joe’s this morning and didn’t buy a single thing. Instead, I took my camera and snapped everything that looked beautiful to my eyes and I’m sharing it here with you. Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “SUNNY SIDE UP!!!

  1. Love it!!! Beautiful pictures too and fine commentary.It’s frustrating o feel like one is deteriorating, however, the alternative is worse, is it not? Keep up he good work, Tasha


  2. Lovely pics and great attitude. I’m right there with you having aging issues, yet, thankfully, nothing as serious as others my age are experiencing. Your flower pics helped to snap me out of my frustration with PT appointments that don’t seem to be working, blurry vision (cataract surgery on Tuesday), etc. Thanks for your post. I’ll focus on finding everything beautiful today!


  3. My experience has been similar lately but, as you say, not anything as bad as others. Just seeing your beautiful photos makes me feel good. I so enjoy your posts😍🌻✌🏻


  4. Yes, it’s not our choice to age, but it is our choice how we do it.
    Being positive, grateful, finding and giving joy, and loving well is the way I want to do it :).


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