70's bikers

(Cycling into the sunset)

There is an old man on our street that walks his dog twice a day and it pains me to watch him. He walks so slowly that the poor dog strains at the leash with every step, longing to run. Instead, he can only go inches at a time, as his bent over keeper can do no more. I imagine it took the man some time to get the leash on his pup, gnarled and arthritic as his fingers are. Then I realize that perhaps if not for the dog, the man might have no reason to move at all.
88 and painting

(88 and just took up painting)

Moving forward is a breeze when you’re young and your limbs obey. I used to think nothing of running up 10 flights of stairs or throwing my leg over a motorcycle and roaring off into the sunset but time happens. And it happens to all of us if we’re lucky enough. So now what?

 7 bypasses 7 years ago 79

(After 7 bypasses–now hits the gym daily)

Imagine today is your last one. How do you want to remember it? Sitting on the sofa watching TV? Scrolling numbly through your computer screen or running the errands you’ve done a thousand times before? I don’t, so I force myself to do at least one ‘different’ (Pickleball) or ‘dreaded’ (sit-ups) thing a day and meet at least one, new person. Lately I’ve been meeting folks who are trying new things, too. Not one of them is under 70.


My girlfriend wants to take up swimming again but keeps putting it off for various reasons: doesn’t have a suit, won’t look great in it, worries if her body will cooperate in the water, and honestly just doesn’t want anyone else to see her struggle. I get it and every one of those excuses were once my own. But think of it this way: in the process of doing something really good for yourself you also set an example for those much younger. Just like my neighbor walking his dog does for me. Now that’s Divine!


2 thoughts on “DIFFERENT, DREADED. . .DIVINE!

  1. I know how it feels. I have to struggle each morning to drag myself out of bed and do my early morning exercise. I always tell myself, now is the time to scale all the mental barriers I put around myself when I was young.


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