fountain of youth

I found the fountain of youth this week!  Nope, not in Florida.  Sorry Ponce de Leon.  Nope.  Not in my tube of Oil of Olay.  I found it right here in this cute, little head of mine.  It was there all along!  Who knew?  But that’s where it’s been the whole time, just waiting for me to enjoy the splash of its’ youthful waters.  It’s what I think.  Plain and simple.  My thoughts are me.  No getting around that.

My brain, paltry as it may sometimes appear is the source of all, good things.  If I think I am old, I am.  If I feel young and exuberant, I am that, too.  The trick is to keep it hopeful despite all outward appearances.  And trust me, the ‘outward appearances’ are failing.  Good news is:  so is my eyesight!  So, this morning, when I caught sight of myself in the locker room mirror at the gym, you may have noticed my sagging skin.  But what did I see?  A drop-dead, gorgeous, young thing with long hair in a bikini!!  Yup.

Illusion is everything.  Reality, not so much.  Ask any artist about the importance of illusion.  They’ll tell you it is in the ‘eye of the beholder.’  And YOUR eye is YOUR beholder.  So see what is beautiful and hopeful.  Think what is possible and wonderful and you, too, will enjoy this little fountain of youth with me.  We have only so much time to live. . . let alone think.  So, when you read this, close your eyes and think every good thing you can imagine.  It will make you smile.  And if you smile, that will make me feel even better. 🙂


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