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I had a BLAST being young. At 18, flying north on the Black Canyon Freeway headed out of Phoenix I remember the rush when I floored the car to 100 mph. It was thrilling and scary but once I hit 100 I eased off the gas. I wanted to live to tell about it. Still do.

Frankly I don’t ‘get’ this bucket list thing. Why wait until you’re old to do all the things you wanted to do? By the time you’re my age, they’re all gonna be harder to do. I went skydiving in my 20’s but you couldn’t get me in a plane with no door and push me out with a parachute now. My knees couldn’t take it, let alone my failing heart.

That’s why TODAY is so important. You will never be this young again. If you want to climb Kilimanjaro or go “Dancing With the Stars,” go now. If you want to change careers, change NOW. There is absolutely, unequivocally nothing to lose; nothing, of course, but time. And we all know who IT waits for: NO ONE!

I love that I took chances when I was young. Sometimes they were teeny ones like asking a boy to dance. Others were done out of mere curiosity, like that weekend at the nudist colony. But each little risk grows you and gives you more confidence. They add up day-by-day, year-by-year until you have this crazy, wonderful sense of ‘been there, done that’ in your bones. It is unshakeable and freeing!

Being older is a blast, too!  It means that I can walk into Starbucks and tell the barista he’s cute. Or flat hang up on that caller who tells me, “I’m not selling you anything.” It means I can show up at a gala event sans makeup and wear white when summer is long over. At my age, there is simply no one I care to impress—except me.

Right now, I have a friend who wants to buy a van and drive across country, hitting all the sweet spots at just the right season. I told him, “Do it. No time like the present.” Better to die with your flag unfurled than live at half-mast. Live so you have something to TELL about later.  Oh, and if he takes my advice?  I’ll post some pictures because that ‘friend’ happens to be my own husband!


6 thoughts on “LIVE TO TELL

  1. He must do it. In fact I will be going to a sparsely populated island next month. I have already befriended a couple of young women from the locality to show me around. At 66, I have this crazy urge to do things I never thought of doing when I was young. I love to be cool at my age.


  2. Hey let that guy in the van know that the right spot for the sweet spot of Colorado is…well…all the time. We have plenty of room for the van in the driveway and the two gypsies in the spare room!


  3. Like you, I never created a “bucket list”. I was always fortunate, and free-spirited, enough to be able to do pretty much anything I wanted to do. I was possibly dumb enough to do things when I was younger that I would probably not do today, so I am glad I can just live with the memories and stories. So often I smile and start to laugh when I think of some of the experiences of my life.

    One never knows what tomorrow will bring, so the need to do things you really want to do should be done in the near term, not scheduled out for the future.

    As to the road trip, it sounds like a great idea and do it sooner rather than later.


  4. Great article and advice for ALL of us… I just might take it…. sell my house, buy an RV and hit the road w/ my twin boys!! But first… I must keep a promise (to myself) and help a senior citizen get her flooded basement cleaned up!! Can I politely ask that you check out my IndieGoGo campaign to help a senior?? Or at least share my link… It would mean so much to all of us!! TY and enjoy the ride!!


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