Who Knows Where The Time Goes???


I don’t. It has sifted through my own hands like so much dust. Just as it did for Sandy Denny, this folksinger from the 60’s who wrote and sang this song which Judy Collins later made famous. Sandy never lived to see the fruition of her life’s work. She died at 31, simply falling down a flight of stairs. Listen and remember the young girl who sang with so much hope and heart. Be grateful you are here. I am.


2 thoughts on “Who Knows Where The Time Goes???

  1. Thank you Helen for sharing this beautiful song with us . Sandy Denny is now remembered here in the UK, and without you putting this on facebook we would never of heard of her. At 57 time is running along but your right, we should be very grateful for what we have. Many lost souls out there and ones like Robin Williams family now have to try to cope.

    Thanks again


    Tony & Sue


  2. Oh, Yes! This moment……..this breath……is my life. The past is gone. The future is not here. I am making the next moment by what I do with this one. Mind, Body and Spirit. Now, I’m Smiling!!!


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