When I looked in the mirror this morning I could not believe that I actually looked older than I thought I looked last night when I went to bed. So much for 8 hours of “Beauty Sleep.” However, there are still a few upsides to this graying chapter of life as I discovered a few hours later.

I arrived at the gym in a torrential downpour. (Of course, my umbrella was still drying by the front door from yesterday’s rain). Unfortunately, all the “senior” spots were taken so I had to park farther away. By the time I walked by the “senior” parking, completely soaked, a 20-something guy casually hopped out of his white, Toyota Camry, right in front of me.

“Young, man,” I barked. “You certainly don’t look like a ‘senior’ to me, unless you thought this spot was for college students.”

He froze. Looked at the sign then said sheepishly, “Well, I didn’t wanna get wet.”

“Neither did this senior,” I replied continuing on.

“Oh! I’ll move my car right now,” he said moving back towards it.

“Don’t you dare!” I commanded. “We’re already parked, already sopped and that’s that. Moving it would just be a waste of gas.”

“Are you sure?” he continued, still lagging behind my quick, don’t-want-to-get-wetter pace.

“Yup. The way I look at it, I let you borrow my spot today because I certainly wouldn’t want you to get those biceps wet. However, if I had a cane and was limping I might well whack you with it.”

As we walked in together, I asked him what his workout would be today.

“Well, I’m going to do my quads then focus on my lower back,” he replied.

“Oh,” I replied. “Well what about the rest of you?”

“I did my upper body yesterday,” he said as if to reassure me he had not neglected a single, body part. “You know, lats, biceps, flys and stuff. What about you?”

“Oh, me? Well… I’m working on my Esther Williams, while I swim back and forth to nowhere.’ For some reason, he thought this was hilarious and chuckled all the way to his weight machine. (But I’ll bet you a hundred bucks he has no clue who she is).

As I left the gym, I noticed his car was gone. Nope. That rascal came back out and re-parked his Toyota… smack next to me!


One thought on ““SENIORS ONLY!”

  1. Hi Helen,
    I enjoyed reading your delightful post! Especially liked your humor about how you couldn’t believe when you looked in the mirror in the morning that you thought you looked older than you thought you did the night before!!! That was funny…at least in the way it was written. And of course, we remember how we looked when we were in our 20’s. At least I do! Depending on how “hip” the young guy is, and how much he knows about South Miami Beach, he may know that Esther Williams swam in the beautiful pool at the Raleigh Hotel when she was making movies many years ago. And if he’s really hip, he’ll know that Esther Williams was married to Fernando Lamas, and was the mother of Lorenzo Lamas!


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