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Honestly, I really am trying to stay ‘with it’ in terms of technology…but I just keep hitting roadblocks. I finally purchased an Internet phone, but I don’t ever use it for email because the darn screen is too SMALL to read. I even connected it to the Bluetooth in my car but am too nervous to use that because it involves pushing a button here and there which means I have to look away from the road. I also confess that I have yet to activate the voicemail. Why? Because if someone should leave me one while I’m driving, I would have to pull off the road, punch in my code, listen to the whole thing and respond. By then I figure, I’d already be home.

Oh, and did I mention I finally purchased a Mac? My husband, (probably counting on my college degree) told me that I didn’t “need to purchase the additional $99 fee” to get an Apple expert to walk me through the basics. As a result, I have had to Google EVERYTHING, including how to take a screenshot. I have done this now, 6 separate times……and every time I STILL have to look up how to do it.

But here’s the clincher: my youngest recently insisted that I open a Skype account so that we could talk to each other face-to-face. Easy enough, I thought. So, last night, I picked a user name, made up yet another password and clicked the camera button. (Do NOT attempt this if you are my age and had only 5 hours of sleep the previous night.) Once I did, this wrinkled, gray-haired old lady was staring back at me. I thought I’d reached some crazed operator in a foreign country. Nooop. It was me. Scared me to death.

Thus explains the above photo. I want to CONNECT with my child, not scar her for life!!! Look, I’m always encouraging my readers to embrace change and stay current—but you do pay a bit of a price if nothing more than in sheer vanity.


4 thoughts on “YIKES! SKYPE!

  1. Love that hair of yours!!! My goodness it is so beautiful. Thanks for this cute image of you. It is so important to learn new things, and you are so intelligent I am surprised that you have technophobia!. Keep learning and you’ll lose that fear. Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha


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