I love these feet—all ten toes of them. In fact, if I could reach them I would give each a big KISS! They used to run 6 miles a day barefooted on the beach. Not anymore but I still love them for all the places they’ve taken me. What’s more, it occurs to me how I have ignored them for years, yet they keep marching forward, still taking me on new adventures. Why just yesterday, they took me to my first Zumba class!

See, here’s the thing. Yesterday I woke up with an aching back. Actually, it’s been aching for about a week now. So, I did what any self-respecting person would do at my age. . .I reached for my tennis shoes. Then I drove to the YMCA and headed for that class I’ve been hearing about for years.

The rap music was pumping as I arrived and suddenly a roomful of about 50 girls started shaking their booty—and I mean shaking it. I maneuvered to the back and tried to keep up. The girl in front of me was shaking her butt so fast I don’t know how it stayed attached. Not only did she shake it about 6 times per second, but she did so while bending her knees and going side to side.

Well, I can’t bend my knees much anymore so first I got my butt going. Then I tried to keep it going while moving side to side. Next thing I know my head’s going too. However, once my head started going, my butt stopped. So I stopped my head, got my butt going again and started over. Problem was, everytime I got to the point where I was actually following the instructor, she did something different.

But bless my feet. They never stopped. Crazy thing is when it was all over my back pain was gone! When I woke up this morning, the ONLY thing that hurt were my feet. So, I walked them out onto the grass and took their picture. Since I’ve never even given them a pedicure, it was the least I could do. They have kickstarted my motorcycles, pranced in high heels, held up my growing babies. . .and I am grateful they still stand on this side of the grass.



2 thoughts on “FOOTLOOSE

  1. Yes…..Yes…..Yes! Isn’t it interesting that we forget to thank our ‘parts’. Like a heart that has been regularly beating for (in this case) 73 years…..and never with any complaints. Not to mention my liver, kidneys, et. al. Thanks for the Gratitude Practice.


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